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Hello Rustavius, it's good to hear from you
11/15/2020, 12:06:22

    Peter2 writes:

    Everybody's still fit and well to the best of my knowledge. We've heard recently from Bones and Elf, and not all that long ago from Chlala, and if any of us have had Covid-19, it's been a very mild case indeed. We (my wife and I) have to be careful, though, because we've both been around a lot longer than you have! Consequently, we don't get out much at the moment.

    MM7! Funny you should say that. I just (like 2 days ago) started MM6 again and, checking the savegames, I see that I've not touched it for over 3 years. However, the goblin population in New Sorpigal ha just experinced a very severe decline, and the Church of Baa in Ironfist is shortly to undergo a drastic drop in the number of their followers. Not that it's going to bother the clergy all that much, because they aren't going to be around long enough for it to worry them unduly *evil grin*

    Enjoy yourself, I hope life is treating you well, and I hope also that you have a good Winter

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