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I've found that the occasional hard reboot helps all sorts of things, not just computers.
05/18/2020, 22:25:40

    Peter2 writes:

    I've found that glitches on my previous cell phone I've had no trouble with my present one could often be solved by turning it off, leaving it for a while, and then turning it back on. Similarly, when our so-called "smart" TV lost one of its apps, turning the power off for 15 minutes and then turning it back on again restored it.

    There have been a couple of instances where my Kindle has needed sterner treatment and I've had to restore the factory settings, but apart from those it's still going strong and I've had the thing for years.

    The application that has given my laptop most trouble is Microsoft Teams. From time to time it loses my connection to the meeting I'm in, and cannot restore it. I then have to reboot the computer to get it back. That's never happened with Zoom, by the way.

    We used to use Skype for video-conferencing, but over time the quality of the link deteriorated to a point at which it was unusable, especially the video part of it.

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