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Thank you very much indeed.
05/15/2020, 05:56:23

    Peter2 writes:

    I am very careful about what I look for on the web, and I have always used different browsers for different purposes. My default browser is Firefox, but I use it with assorted blocks on pop-up windows, ads and trackers, and with limits on 3rd party gadgets as well. If you really want to be careful, it is still entirely possible to visit a library and use *gasp* text books and encyclopedias! It takes a lot longer, but if you know how to uses the Dewey Decimal system, there is no record at all of what you've looked at.

    I have found Bing a poor search engine and I don't use it. When using Bing, more than once I have found the results at the top of the hit list bore no relevance at all to the search terms I had entered I can only assume these were sponsored hits. I switched to google (which, despite its drawbacks, is a very effective search engine), and these results did not appear.

    But again, than you very much for these very useful!

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