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To Ossie, with apologies
05/09/2020, 18:40:03

    The Elf writes:

    Ossie, apparently Ubisoft has "fixed bugs" like the man who kept repairing the slightly-off watch until nobody could ever make it run again. I've been subjected to, and read of, many horror stories about MM10. According to many, many people on the MM10 help forum, the game is playable IF you bought it within the past five years, since Ubisoft took it over. For those of us who had the game before, it's a different story. First, we have to agree to play the game in Uplay, not just Steam. This involves joining Uplay (actually free, to my surprise) in a one-time changeover. In joining, you have to agree to allow them to set "innocuous" cookies and ads in your files. I balked, but my daughter tells me I'm just being old-fashioned, that that's the way it is, nowadays. "Everybody does it." So I bit the bullet and joined. But that didn't solve anything. To play the game now, I would have to take extra steps, since whoever had rights to MM before Ubisoft had a slightly different set of files. Such steps now would require going into the actual game files and changing quite a few of them. I was unable to change files in MM6 that I have on disk, so I'm certainly not going to try again with non-disk files.

    So Ossie, my suggestion to you is to go to "Discussions" when you load MM10. There are a lot of nice people who are more than willing to help a stranger. Like us, they're amateurs, but are generous and helpful. Good luck, cobber!

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