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P. S. It gets worse. . .
05/08/2020, 22:37:25

    The Elf writes:

    Ubisoft is committing nothing short of extortion. To play MM10 beyond Act 1, you must register in something called Uplay. (How a game in Steam successfully requires that players play in another company's gamesite is beyond my feeble imagination.) The registration is "free," with just one teeny-weeny little requirement: you must agree to allow Ubisoft to set cookies and ads in your game files. Generous, eh wot? Oh, you can request that they don't sell your data, but how can you prove compliance? I categorically refuse to bend to this outrageous requirement. (Unfortunately, Ubisoft now owns the entire output of the former New World Computing. The only exception to their outrageous Uplay demand is Assassin's Creed.) So beware if you play any of our favorite games outside of disks. You'll probably quickly run out of email space.

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