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Might & Magic 10, revisited
05/02/2020, 19:03:19

    The Elf writes:

    Hi Ramillies or Ragwort, whichever of you asked me about MM10 some time back. (Can't remember who--senior moment again.) At that time I was denied access by the current "owners" of all things formerly New World Computing, even though I had paid fairly for the game several years earlier. Well, today I went back to the game in Steam, and breezed right through the entry requirements, password and all. So what was the question? Something about the entry to the large underground area? The location of the magic dog? Ask again, and I'll gladly research/review it.

    Here's a freebie for you: it's impossible to have a "perfect" party, because it's impossible to grandmaster every skill in the game with only 4 members. And like MM7, you have to choose between dark and light magic, not both.

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