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Hi Elf, good to hear from you!
10/15/2017, 05:10:38

    Peter2 writes:

    I have at last decided to retire, and there's a long list of games backed up that I want to have a go at. I haven't yet played MM1 or MM2, nor have I played BDJ's mods of MM6 and MM7. I haven't played MM10 either and I'd be very interested in hearing more detailed comments from you.

    I never played King's Bounty, but I did have a go at the HoMM games and didn't like them. I had two reasons for that, the combat was much too stylised with a very limited role for character movement, and I very much prefer the 1st person view during exploration and combat.

    The old games I did like in addition to the early MMs were the Eye of the Beholder series.

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