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Finished MM X Legacy in record game-time (Day 23, 06:48)
08/02/2017, 06:53:21

    Ribannah writes:

    Played it again and under the same conditions (see below) I completed the game in the fastest time possible. We even had to wait for six ours at the final Shrine for the day to arrive that we could pray there.

    Start: Day 1, 09:00 (level 1)
    Battle of Karthal: Day 22, 00:00 (level 32)
    Finish: Day 23, 06:48 (level 35)

    Nur: Freemage - G Air, Magical Focus; M Prime, Light; E Dark, Mysticism; N Crossbow, Endurance, Dodge, Arcane Discipline
    Artemis: Ranger - G Bow, Dagger; M Earth, Dodge; E Dual Wield, Mysticism; N Endurance, Arcane Discipline
    Bonnie: Defender - G Axe, Shield; M Warfare, Heavy Armor; E Crossbow, Endurance; N Dodge, Arcane Discipline
    Daniela: Barbarian - G Mace; M Bow, Two-Handed, Endurance; E Warfare, Medium Armor, Dodge; N Dual Wield, Arcane Discipline

    Rules: warrior difficulty, all quests done except the Arcane Discipline Grandmaster (which requires waiting for more than a month), all monsters killed including traps, all treasure plundered.

    This leaves one more party to play to cover all the classes: Mercenary + Bladedancer + Runepriest + Shaman.

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