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There have been so many problems.
11/10/2016, 17:48:18

    Jacko writes:

    with basically everything so I reinstalled and started from scratch

    Side note - Mage promo is for me way easier then Lich promo. Mage promo I can pull it off almost instantly with a few reloads but Lich is another story for me.

    Which is kind of a good thing as it makes me play through the game not from the very beginning as a fully promoted toon.

    So, my scholar has done so far some minor quests:
    - gossip, nicolai
    - mercenary, crusader, scholar, healer promotions
    - rescued ivsar, beat ivan, got rid of honks.

    Funny things, dead toon present themselves as worhty candidates for promotions

    Now I also have access to all promo quests

    And most importantly - kkc solution from 2006 to my artefact predicament worked!

    So my scholar has:
    - pendant of the spheres amulet
    - trollieri dagger
    - sturkabygel ring
    - walking boots and whichbane

    I got them from the black chests in Dranghheim, Training Hall, and of course - the dragon cave

    Currently at clvl 20, able to train to 26.

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