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Scholar just became...
11/06/2016, 09:23:29

    Jacko writes:

    ...a solo Mage

    I just lost the nerve and got him mage promo

    For me Mage promo is waay easier and less demanding for a solo scholar.

    Of course it required a lot of running to get the Book from the ruins but i pulled it off first time. if it hadn't been for Forad the Meatshield I wouldnt have done it

    And the +100 hp bonus from trollieri came in really handy.

    I also got some killing to get him to clvl 22. For a solo toon it is easy to amass exp.

    Skills: master elemental meditation and learning. expert disarm dark light spirit.

    FINALLY i got LB and TP going

    So with the 2 spells i can try to reach Yorwick for GM learning and...

    ...back to Strumford to do the quests

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