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Scholar clvl 12
11/05/2016, 09:22:37

    Jacko writes:

    and able to train to clvl 13.

    Expert in: elemental, dark, light, meditation and learning.

    I went to Lindisfarne to see this dragon cave. Way there was dangerous. But i found a nice spot behind a big rock and Maghrebs could reach me there so poison cloud wand and elemental bolt made short (or rather long) work of them.

    Wizards otoh were a pain. I tok them on one by one, with elemental aura on. I would run up to a guy, cast poison cloud under his feet and run away...elemental aura would run off so I had to look for a safe spot to rest and heal and repeat ad nausea but they all went down, as they aways do eventually.

    Dragon cave is a pain. He instakillsme. but i noticed paralyze does work on him giving me those few precious seconds but the trap in chest kills me

    I need to get expert disarm and come back.

    I will try to multiloot the ches for the pendant of spheres, trollieri thrown dagger for the hp bonus and this little gold ring with hp bonus too.

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