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It almost slipped my mind...
11/04/2016, 02:55:35

    Jacko writes:

    Verhoffin Ruins. The Chest.

    Ok. when you enter the Ruins you go straight a little turn right and at the end of a short passage there is a chest that can spawn really nice items so...

    ...i got about what like best - multilooting

    Boring - no - I was watching news in the process. Lame - maybe. Profitable - of course!

    After half hour of multilooting the chest I got:
    - belt and helm with +5 elemental (my elemental bolt dmg went up instantly from 1 - 4 to 6 - 24 )
    - low level armour but with +20 elemental res
    - cudgel with +5 spirit - imo nice for a solo play for the better heal ability;
    - skill books: perception, dark, meditation and learning;
    - and this is the best part: 2 wands of chain lightning and 2 wands of poison clouds charges vary from 30 to 50
    - some trash I just picked up to later sell but not much and approx. 1500 gp so nothing to write home about.

    Plans for tonight when all asleep - multiloot a little more for some nice stuff - maybe some skill books, maybe some rings and something with +5 disarm...

    I will try to attemt the black chest there just for the sake of it. I do not think I can open it but I want to see for myself. I checked it out I can get there swimming underwater and jumpin on the passageway unseen by Banshees. Right before the door with the pentagram on the floor there are only 2 zombies which stand with their backs towards me and cannot see me so maybe with the wands and using element of surprise and lots of running I can pull it off.

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