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Isle of Ashes
11/04/2016, 02:36:18

    Jacko writes:

    There is a chest once you arrive at the Isle of Ashes right behind you so after a few reloads (3 or 4) I got myself a nice wand of elemental bolt - this wand was WAY better to get rid of those little critters then the bow that unfortunately would notoriously miss...

    Of course I had to proceed with caution as it was really easy to get myself killed. I managed to find a nice strategic spots on the mountains that I could climb but the skeletons could not I was so proud of myself

    Getting rid of dragonflies was ok - I would just handle them on one-on-one basis and lure them into the cave sometimes strategically retreating for a quick drink from the well to restore HP.

    Ysra quests done. Forad joined.

    He is a BIG help but somehow interferes with my idea of a solo gameplay but well...if I can get to live with the windowed mode I can live with him...

    Otoh he also gets his turn to hit which really gets on my nerves when I am casting my bolts or using the bow - basically in ranged combat he is useless and I have this feeling he delays my turn to cast / shoot.

    Able to train to clvl 5. short of 2800ish exp of clvl 6.

    Ready to leave the island but I just remembered something...

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