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Getting started
11/04/2016, 02:24:27

    Jacko writes:

    At the starting location I got my party: Lich and 3 x warrior.

    Lich was given all attribute points equally to Endurance and Magic. Speed, Accuracy and might were all left at 9.

    Lich got bow and light.

    Wariors got shield and bow. this way my lich got some starting cash selling 3 x bow, armour and shield. I managed to collect this way (plus selling some scrolls I picked up that were scattered around) 1450 gp.

    I got lucky and bought Cavalry bow at the store and two healing potions.

    Off to the training ground with obstacle course and jump into the water. Result - 3 x warrior dead *evil grin* I healed my Lich of course in the process

    the few initial monsters were easy to dispose off with a single toon. But I got mobbed once by 3 of them so needed to reload and take them on one by one.

    Killing them netted me whooping 400ish exp

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