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Glad to help
10/05/2016, 09:07:57

    Roman writes:

    Thanks for the message about BIOS.

    I won't disable my integrated card because other programs might be using it.

    But, what's interesting. My Nvidia Program doesn't allow me to set a rule for lithtech.exe to launch it always via normal videocard. But what's more interesting, after I have launched the game via my Geforce videocard (through RIGHT CLICK - launch with...), I now don't have problems with black screen even launching with my integrated card.

    I might be mistaken whether I always launch the game with my normal card or not, but nevertheless, it's not a big deal now when I can launch the game manually with the Geforce card.

    I hope everbody who has this problem will be able to use this little trick to enjoy playing normal M&M 9)

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