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Yes it does, Yes it does
07/13/2016, 02:06:31

    Gruffyd Gwilym writes:

    I run Windows 10, have MMIX running extremely well in full screen, no border. No loading boat screen issues, and no slow menu load. I installed GOG MMIX with Telp's 1.3, installed 1.3a to make sure it was installed, replaced cshell.dll with Mok's cshell final, and Rez extracted the Art and Localart files with SF rez extractor and deleted the loading boat art files. Then edited autoexec.cfg, and changed the "max fps" option to "35" from "0". These will fix all the basic running issues with MMIX, as for other bugs there may still be some. I will be playing and checking everything out as I go. I will also write a full guide with up to date links, on how to install and run MMIX on Windows 10.

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