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Let's see if I can help....
03/11/2016, 23:14:06

    Bones writes:

    Please know that I've never tried to get the game running on anything after WinXP. Still, the collective wisdom of the Tavern has helped folks play the game on Vista, Win7, and Win8.

    First, install the game as 'administrator'. Change the Compatibility Mode settings for mm9.exe and lithtech.exe to run as administrator.

    Next, install MOK's version of CSHELL (at the link below). CSHELL.dll is a library of routines to support the game. Mok fixed several problems that caused problems like you're having. Move your original CSHELL to a safe place and move Mok's version into the folder.

    Finally, many folks have gotten this far and come up against a loading screen problem. There's a thread further down that addresses that. There's only room for one link in each message, though, so continue to my following messgae.

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