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Hi Serena. WB!
12/16/2015, 21:54:16

    Bones writes:

    You've installed your original 3DO version, right? Good.

    First update to v1.2, then to 1.3a. Right after I announced the 1.3 patch I realized that I'd forgotten to add three of the files, so I had to quickly upload a new version. There must still be a few copies of the first 1.3 out there but they're incomplete. Our 1.3A patch contain fixes for the bugs that Klar addressed in her repair files.

    The 1.4 project was put to rest for several reasons -- which is a bit of a shame because the LithTech platform was quite accessible for modding. LithTech went under, however, Ubi discourages modding, and the tools to re-work the game are getting harder to find. On top of that, there's a bug in the game engine that can't be fixed without access to the source code.

    Still, it could be done by a really dedicated group, but there are a lot of really good modern games out there, some of which are open to modding, so all the talented fans are there.

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