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MM9's Modding potential...
10/25/2015, 20:26:29

    jdwalker158 writes:

    Personally I see MM9 as a game that has very high modding potential.

    There is a lot that can be done with the game to improve immersiveness, the atmosphere, and the overall feel of the game.

    From the way NWC sounded the way they made the game was like this.

    Shortly after MM8, and as stated by Nicolai Ironfist(forgive me if I spelled it wrong) "The ground began to shake the others fled the collapse of castle ironfist and Nicolai was trapped underneath some rubble. when he woke up, he was in Dranghiem."

    From this evidence it is only possible that the Kreegan either blew up the planet or took it over. My theory is that MM9 was another continuation of the story and that the Kreegan would come to Axeoth next. From the sound of it NWC was planning on their own MM10 and it would entail Nicolai Ironfist as a major character.

    From the way NWC sounded... They thought you guys had MM9 covered.

    Then... IT HAPPENED!

    But at least you guys made it playable! And for that I thank you for your time and effort to make the game that I treasure actually finish-able.

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