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Finally finished MM X Legacy (day 23, level 35) (Crusader, Druid, Scout, Hunter)
09/30/2015, 04:45:36

    Ribannah writes:

    Finally did it, with the help of the cheat menu to circumvent an annoying bug.

    We defeated Erebos in the evening of Day 23, finishing with a level 35 party (level 32 when the Battle of Karthal began).

    Honorine: Paladin; G Light, Sword; M Heavy Armour, Shield; E Crossbow, Warfare
    Kimaira: Elder Druid; G Water, Earth; M Prime, Magical Focus, E Bow, Medium Armour
    Torian: Pathfinder; G Axe, Crossbow, M Fire, Medium Armour, Dual Wield; E -
    Lisa: Marauder; G Spear, Dodge; M Air, Bow; E Two-handed, Arcane Discipline

    All quests done (incuding Shrines and Obelisks; Forbidden Saga complete), all enemies killed, all treasure claimed.

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