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You might well need to rethink that.
07/31/2015, 04:55:54

    Peter2 writes:

    There is one character late on in the game that you have to hire, but I won't spoil.

    Also, you run out of money towards the end of the game, especially if you take your characters' Learning abilities up as far as they will go. To compensate for this, visit the Bank in Drangheim, and hire the banker NPC. The deposit your money, and take it out again, and you will find that you've suddenly got a lot of interest. Repeat as required, then go and level up. I don't know whether this is a bug or not, but judging from the amount of money that levelling up requires at the end of the game, IMHO there is at least a possibility that it may be a genuine game feature.

    Then dismiss the Banker until next time you need her. If for some reason she vanishes (it can happen), merely leave Drangheim City, save your game, and exit the game. Then use Explorer to go to the game files, find the "Minisaves" folder, and delete all files that start with "Drangheimcity". Then boot up the game again, load your savegame, re-enter the city, and the Banker will be back in the Bank what you've done is force the aera to respawn. As a bonus, the two clovers that give you skill points will have respawned, too.

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