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What I did and good news!
07/27/2015, 15:52:17

    ray777 writes:

    that's great, i cant wait to get a play-through now. Here is what i did to get it running.

    Game version: v1, orignal disks (not GoG)
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    Integrated GFX card (Q45/3 chip)
    DirectX 11

    Patched the game up to the latest TELP patch. Launcher settings are:

    Disabled: Light Mapping and Fog
    Enabled: Nothing

    Running in compatibility mode: XP Service Pack 3

    Thats it. It does hang on the loading screen occasionally, but as far as I can tell its simply the graphic not refreshing on screen after it loads, alt-tabbing out and in resolves it. All the cut-scene videos and sounds are working great, just that one little hiccup when moving between areas with the load screen. Probably can be fixed but since everything else works I dont want to make it worse :p

    I also see GM skill in Unarmored and Dodging is for the Druid class, finally they got some love! XD

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