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Hi Laura. Hmmmm....
04/26/2015, 22:25:31

    Bones writes:

    First, the black water sounds like something is going awry when the software commands get to the graphics drivers. I assuming that you've already played around with the compatibility modes, but try those if you haven't. If that doesn't work (and you're using a desktop computer), try using another PCIe card with a processor from a different manufacturer (Intel vs Nvidia vs AMD). Or drop in an old PCI card.

    I presume you're using ver 1.1 of the border fix, right? It doesn't seem to work for everybody. I suspect there are some setting changes that need to be made in addition to updating the Lithtech code with the fix. Try the changes suggested here:

    I've reviewed the discussions on our pages regarding a windowed mode and no one seems to have an answer. There's an old thread on it at Celestial Heavens, but I'm guessing you've already seen that. The link's below in case you haven't. Please tell me what you've tried. There might be other options.

    Related link:

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