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screen saver files.
11/25/2014, 11:37:54

    zZaRDoZz writes:

    Bones wrote:
    [quote]In MM9 (and in Legends of M&M as well, I presume) there are two engines -- the game engine and the graphics (Lithtech) engine. The scripts are compiled and run by the game engine at runtime. NWC developed the scripting language. Scripts are stored as text data and are pretty easy for any kind of programmer to understand. I also found the script commands embedded as text strings in the game engine (mm9.exe). [/quote]

    Ah, so the mm9 script is different than that used by kiss psycho circus. Darn.
    Know anything about the abcV12 models?
    1 or 2 are definitely from Sanity Skins Artifact, which is an abcV6 game, so there's a converter out there somewhere. I don't suppose any gamers on this side of the old lith game spectrum know about that?

    Oh, I should say I really admire the dedication that went into the Telp 1.3. patch.

    Thank you for your response.

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