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There are bugs but with workarounds
03/20/2014, 08:01:17

    pvaliunas writes:

    The savegame bug can be fixed by disabling cloud sync and deleting the files created from the time the bug first appeared, as well as any files with strange extensions. Not only can you disable cloud sync of savegames, but you can play in complete offline mode (But you'd have to go online for any patches and future DLC, of course). I had the savegame bug happen to me and figured out how to fix it myself, but tech support came to a similar conclusion as I did, only later. I have used my default email with Ubisoft for years and have not had spam issues. I think the quest killing bugs are par for the course with these type of RPGs. I did have a bug that prevented the game from loading at all, but after some back and forth with support they gave me a solution. All in all I really love this game (it seems true to the series; I've been playing it since M&M II), even though it can be frustrating at times. I would recommend it, with the caveat that there are issues, but any computer game has them from time to time.

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