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Somewhat sceptical, but pleased nonetheless
05/23/2013, 20:33:59

    Roellin writes:

    Not really a fan of the new setting for the M&M universe and especially more so since the last heroes installment.
    That being said, the game looks sort of interesting. The playable world, they've claimed, will be larger than that of Xeen. Though cramed into some randomly concocted peninsula more or less the size of a duchy, rather than a whole world. Hopefully this will allow the writing to be separated from, and less influenced by, the current Heroes series.

    The class system seems hit-or-miss, skills and leveling is an unknown to me but judging from the video it seems pretty dull (where's the training?). Combat seems to follow old-school M&M mechanics which should work nicely, I just hope they change thoose damage splashes into something less ugly.

    Things I hope they include is exploration enhancing measures such as mountaneering and foresting (thoose trees, can you enter them?), mobility spells (levitation, teleport) and, of course, hilariously animated portraits (I'm diseased, I'm green and my cheeks have expanded).

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