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See my reply to your post in the MM7 Tavern
04/20/2013, 07:43:47

    Peter2 writes:

    IMO, it's worth playing, but read back through this Tavern to find out the right way to play it. But as I said there, I'm in a minority, and most people don't like it. Don't try playing a Crusader or a Ranger. My best two parties were Gladiator, Assassin, Priest, Lich, or Priest, Druid, Mage, Lich. The second (all-magic) party is not great at ranged combat, but once you work the Druid up to GM in Unarmed and Dodge, he's a very bonny melee fighter indeed.

    Get back to me for more detail if you want to play it. In particular, take enormous care over your characters' promotion quests, and ALWAYS keep a back-up savegame before starting the promotion dialogue.

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