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It works in Windows 8 as well! + fixes
04/07/2013, 04:44:37

    amirfoox writes:

    Calmer, I could kiss you right now, it works in Windows 8 64 bit as well!

    For new guys who might stumble on this thread, edit the autoexec.cfg file and change the window size like so:

    "ScreenWidth" "1920"
    "ScreenHeight" "1080"

    And in order to limit the gameplay itself, add the number 60 after the MaxFPS line in that same file:

    "MaxFPS" "60"

    It's far from perfect, there are black areas in the character screens as the game wasn't designed to work in that resolution of course, but the important thing is that it works.

    Thanks guys, now I can finally play this horrible little game

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