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Problem resolved, here's how I did it for people with similar problems.
07/01/2012, 21:42:10

    Lawlbear writes:

    Hi, thank you for your reply. I was not aware of the find feature, thank you for pointing this out. After searching I was unable to find any problems similar to mine, I was unable to even begin the install, I would click install and the startup would just go away. No freezing or errors. I was unable to resolve this issue on my pc. I was, however, able to solve the problem and want to post my process here in case anyone in the future comes across a similar problem, or they find that they just have too much trouble running any of the Might and Magic games on current operating systems.

    If you have old boot disks from 98 or xp, you can look up a program called Oracle Virtual Machine. There are other programs, but this is my preferred program. It's sort of a last resort option as the program will cost money, but what it allows you to do is allocate a small portion of ram and memory to a virtual disk drive that can run Windows XP as an operating system within your pc. This is useful since might and magic does not require much memory, or ram. So the output required from your pc's ram and memory will be minimal. Once you install the virtual machine you simply go through the setup wizard and then insert the boot disk for xp, install and the voila. I'm running MM9 no problems now.

    As I said since you need to purchase the software and have an old bootdisk lying around, this is sort of a last resort method.

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