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Bones would know best, but I'm pretty sure they are referring to the unofficial patch.
06/21/2012, 06:00:45

    Peter2 writes:

    The game was released in Spring 2002. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think I remember an official v1.1 patch some months later, shortly afterwards superseded by the (official) v1.2 patch. 3DO filed for bankruptcy a few months later, and did no further work on it.

    The 1.3 patch was done by TELP (The Erathian Liberation Party, a fan group), of which Bones was one of the leading players. A v1.4 unofficial patch was planned, but TTBOMK has been placed on idefinite hold because of the low level of interest in the game. (My own personal opinion is that this is a pity.)


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