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what do u mean
05/08/2012, 04:14:38

    Tancred writes:

    by game controls, - keyboard, graphics or what did u change and also i still have problems in the night time, only if ur in a dungeon u are immune to the effect of the Blackness , so if ure outside u still get the black, so the only thing after all what this cshell.dll repaired for me was the loading screen, nothing more, btw u have an underwater mission, right in the beggining, BEET HOVEN, yep u must go underwater for a short time to be able to finish this quest otherwise its not gonna happen, its not hard to do it, u need to only do a short trip underwater but when i did return from quest and u must go up the same way u came down, it can be really painful to get in the right spot but i did eventually so im through now, but as i said the BLACKNESS REMAINS
    pls if u could remember exactly what u did, it would help me tremendously, ty

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