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No panic
05/04/2012, 08:43:32

    Tancred writes:

    im not, just thought that its a problem more hm urgent then, something like this for example "i bought MM9, how great bla bla bla" u know this is something i never had before with this game, so therefore i like to know what that is, or where there might be the problem, drivers are i think not the issue, i did try first installing when i did have older drivers, i updated them since no change its the same thing, had a retail copy of mm9 with czech language in it and plus HOMAM V like a bonus, no it was the other way around bought for my sis the HOMAM and there was a bonus of MM9 2 birds with one stone , and now i have also the GOG version and still the same thing, so its a bit frustrating both copys not exactly the same while the one in the box is update free means v1.0 this is fully updated v1.3 and the same problem occurs, so yes it may seem im a bit panicking but really im just anxious to know WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ?? Why the Loading screen in XP is black, why under water is black, why cant i play in night cause i cant see shit cause its black as like really DARK , ty all who are trying to work out what might be the problem and thank u for replying to my cause

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