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Be careful with it.
03/30/2012, 07:45:32

    Peter2 writes:

    3DO never did manage to finish it properly, and although Bones did a noble job in overcoming most if not all of the scripting bugs, there are still some weaknesses in the game engine. Keep regular backups throughout the game once you start to explore outside Sturmford.

    I'm playing this at the moment, and I suspect I've just hit a brick wall. One of the early quests in the Writ of Fate series has just vanished from my quest list before I completed it, and so far I have been unable get it back. In addition, (1) Markel's quest to get rid of the Dook vanished before I started it (although deleting the minisaves brough that back), (2) I can't access the Druid promo quest, and (3) the computer locked up during one of the dialogues during one of the paladin promo quests, and I had to turn it off to get back into the game.

    I'm going to delete the minisaves for Thronheim, Drangheim, and Sturmford, and see if that brings the missing quest back. If not, I'm going to have to revert to a fairly old save.

    And welcome back!

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