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MM 9 on windows 7 64 bit
11/21/2010, 14:25:06

    paulgt writes:

    i have finally managed to get MM9 (UBIsoft version) running on windows 7 64 bit.

    After installing the original UBIsoft CD, I attempted many things including the following

    installed patch 1>2
    installed patch 2>3a
    New Cshell program
    Updated all DirectX components from Microsoft as someone suggested.

    The program is running with the following compatibility settings
    Windows 98/ME compatibility mode
    Disable visual themes (ticked)
    Disable dektop compostion (ticked)
    Disable disply scaling on High DPI settings. (Ticked)

    Run program as administrator (Ticked)

    I will now attempt to re-enable some of these settings to see if it improves the game without breaking it again!

    Thansk to everyone for all their previous posts which led me finally to the solution


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