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MM9 in Windows 7
10/07/2010, 19:00:08

    arch writes:

    hi fellow MM9ers.
    i'm having a bit of a problem and can't seem to find a way around it, so, nothing better then to talk to the experts.
    after some time away from MM9, i wanted to play once more, but i can't play it on Windows 7 x64, it freezes on map chaging or loading (the boat map). i installed the 1.0to1.2 patch, then installed TELP13, all successful. but when i tried installing the TELP13to13a patch, gave error message "original file CRC error", and i keep freezing on loading.
    i'm using the original discs, not copies.
    is there a way to override this freezing problem?

    thx in advance and good gaming. feel free to contact by email if it's more comfortable for you.

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