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Not for everybody for sure, but
08/27/2010, 11:23:16

    Zedd writes:

    for me, taking that critter down with pure melee is nuch more fun. As I have said many times on these taverns, I only use magic for healing, buffs, and travel.

    A l50 or so party of Gladiator, Assassin, Assassin, Priest with the Gladiator dual wielding Articaft Spear and Sword, the
    Assassins dual wielding daggers (two of which are artifact types) and a Blade skill of 20+ can also do 1000HP damage per turn also (the Assisins with a high GM Blade Skill get 15-20 strikes per turn and the Gladiator with GM Spear and Sword gets 3 strikes with both the Sword and the Spear).

    As I said not for everyone, but works well for me.

    The thing I have always found odd is that for a monster with 30,000HP you get no XP for killing it!

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