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Have you tried the
08/08/2010, 20:25:09

    Zedd writes:

    "Big Four" Wiz8 mods?

    1. Deathstalker's V3.0
    2. Flamestryke's V1.1
    3. Dodd the Slayer's V3.4 "The Rise of the Anciemts"
    4. Qusari's V1.5 "Lunastralis"

    I assume you have already tried the M&M Mods curently available:

    1. BDJ's MM6 "The Chaos Conspiricy"
    2. BDJ's MM7 Rev4Rel2

    As far as "new" CRPC games, I believe, sadly, that era is behind us since I know of none produced after 2002 other than possibly Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, Diablo II, Morrowind, and Obliviion. The aforementioned games should probably be classified as First Person Shooters, however.

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