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07/22/2003, 17:23:33

    Sir Dess writes:

    Oh my god finally another classic mm game. That sure brings a tear to my eye, for you see it was mm6 that started my whole gaming life. The mm series has really been an inspiration for me when i write the stories\plots for some half serious computer games here in Sweden. I long for the day when mm will be at its best again (mm7, anybody?). And it would be so cool to meet king Roland, queen Catherine and prince Nicolai again.

    Plot suggestion:

    What if we returned to enroth after mm8 and enlisted ourselves (the party) in king Rolands army?

    Potential enemies:
    A barbarian warlord (Crag Hack maybe?)
    A necromancer cult (Sandro?)
    The elves still pissed off at the timber wars?
    And what happened to Archibald (Rolands brother) after mm7? (He was exiled i know but do you think that will stop him? Really?).

    And please use the mm7 class system with grandmastery and restore the Knight to his true form! (I missed my knight sooo bad in mm9)
    And dont use any of those out of character blasters or any high-tech stuff for that matter.
    The personal castle in mm7 was heaven sent use it!

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