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My specs
07/11/2003, 10:00:49

    Yaminoxi writes:

    Operating System Windows 2000 v5.0.2195
    DirectX Version DirectX 8.1
    CPU Model/Name AMD Athlon(tm) with MMX(TM) Technology
    CPU Speed 1.7GHz
    # of Processors 1
    Total Physical Memory 512MB
    % Memory Used 21%
    Resolution 1024 x 768
    Color Depth 16-Bit
    Free Disk Space C:\ 14.42GB
    Max Swap File Size 1.22GB
    Available Swap File 1.13GB

    unm how long are you willing to put into this game? I am willing to learn software to create monsters etc and give ideas just like everyone else will do. But I work and dont get much time. Im so enspired to help bring this fan game along. And have often thought about creating a game but alas we dont really get a chance to even have time to ourselves. I cant wait to see more input from other fans.

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