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07/09/2003, 20:57:20

    Sir Felgar writes:


    Thanks for your kind words... coming from a man of your experience within the industry I'll take that as quite a compliment

    A heightmap bitmap is used to generate the terrain. To edit the heightmap I started out using a freeware application called Total Terrain but in the end I ended up writing my own little app so I could have more control.

    For texturing I used a freeware app called Heightland. Again though, I ended up writing my own app that allowed me to paint textures directly onto the terrain.

    The buildings are all my own work (apart from the textures obviously). I found this one of the harder parts of creating the demo - I'm no 3D modeller (you can probably tell!).

    As you said, that's the easy part done. Think I'll have a beer before thinking about the hard part!

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