Added Features

First, please understand that TELP's 1.4 patch for MM9 will not be available until at least June of 2004, so please don't start asking about it until then.  It probably won't be ready before January of 2005; we all have many real-life responsibilities to catch up on.

Just as the main goal of our 1.3 patch is to correct the technical problems with MM9, our 1.4 patch will attempt to correct the creative problems.  The game's development team didn't have time to complete several aspects of MM9 the way they wanted to.  Some of these were finished hurriedly and some were never finished at all.  TELP, in consultation with the dev team, will do our best to put some of these features into the game.

No, we won't tell you which features will be added; we wouldn't want to spoil the surprises and we wouldn't want to disappoint you if we tell you something and later find it impossible.  Unless the unexpected happens we won't be making any changes to the game engine.  This means that, among other things, there will be no 'paper dolls' and no new races.  In spite of this, there is still much we can do.

TELP will also continue to repair the game's technical problems.  Any new bug fixes which are compatible with existing games will be added to our 1.3 patch, but all the known bugs which haven't been addressed there already do not have compatible fixes.  Our 1.4 patch will contain all of our 1.3 fixes and more.  We will also take more liberty compensating for bugs which can not be corrected.

Finally, TELP's 1.4 patch will allow us to add custom levels to MM9 in a way which will be compatible with existing games.  We intend to include at least one new custom level in our 1.4 patch, and it is our hope that others will join us in creating extra content for this game.  By doing this we hope to keep interest in Might & Magic alive and encourage Jon Van Canegham to make more RPGs.

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