All of the changes introduced by TELP's 1.3 can be run with existing savegames.  However, not all changes will be expressed if the involved game area has already been entered before applying the patch.  Here is a list of the changes that will be made immediately in all games.  The first eight entries are similar to the eight fixes made by kingkongcobra's 'Unofficial Patch'.

  Makes it harder to miss Yrsa's errand.  (See scripting changes, also.)
  Does not derail the dragon quest if the missing relic is found first.
  Clarifies the new priest's dialog.
  Hanndl's Spear quest is available to everyone.
  Won't offer obsolete dialog after new priest has been charged.
  Heal Nutty quest will be removed reliably from the log after completion.
  Bathhouse quest will be removed reliably from the log after completion.
  Corrects quest log entry after placing Capstone.  (See scripting changes, also.)
  Clarifies the log entries for several quest sequences.
  Correct reward will be given for clearing the Bathhouse.
  Clerks will give correct directions.
  Gatemaster NPC's service is correctly described.
  Bankers acknowledge Orbs appropriately.  (See scripting changes, also.)
  Corrects Snorri's recognition of completed quests.
  Corrects names for two teachers in Guberland City.

  Removes leftover testing code for Mine quest and Crusader promotion.
  Corrects playing of narration for Guberland City play.
  Prevents Frosgard banker from taking Orbs required elsewhere.
  Prevents bankers from offering Orb placement after Orb has been placed.
  Repositions Ice Lobber in Frosgard cave ceiling.  (Fail-safe; see world changes, also.)
  General Ivsar will be removed from prison after being rescued.
  General Ivsar will be in view and his dialog unavoidable after rescue.
  Moves Sven a little further south and keeps him standing.  (See world changes, also.)
  AI characters will follow player through doors more reliably.
  Makes Yanmir's captives' calls for help more apparent.
  Enables some of Yanmir's captives to escape.
  Gives appropriate reward for killing Yanmir by force (which should be impossible).
  Keeps trap in Yanmir's Fortress activated after re-entering if all beams broken.
  Makes getting the Training Hall reward reliable.  (Quest 'bling' on new loads only)
  Various monsters that need to break free will do so reliably even upon area re-entry.
  Doors intended to re-lock after passage will do so.
  Ensures player has essential dialog with the Thronheim City messenger.
  Game will not proceed to Treaty Signing cutscene while in TB mode.
  Ensures player has essential dialog with Yrsa at the treaty signing.
  Ensures Yrsa's errand is given (Fail-safe).
  Prevents Capstone from disappearing if it is not picked up in Guberland.
  Prevents Writ from disappearing if it is not picked up.
  Solved pentagram puzzle will behave properly after re-entry.
  Ensures player has essential dialog with the Frosgard City messenger.
  Prevents jarls from returning until Krohn gives the final quest.
  Game will not proceed to Ebora's Thjorgard Mine cutscene while in TB mode.
  Game will not proceed to Ebora's Bathhouse cutscene while in TB mode.
  Ebora's leaving the Bathhouse will be correctly noted.
  Player will be told to exit turn-based mode for 1000 Terrors' puzzle doors.
  Protects accessing 1000 Terrors' final switch through the wall.
  Game will not freeze if Njam's taunt scene is triggered in TB mode.
  Final cutscene in 1000 Terrors won't be lost if game crashes.

  Corrects recovery time for several spells and their scrolls.
  Corrects chance of success for Enchant Item spell and scroll.
  Equalizes the values of the three enchantments which give an extra attack.
  Directs the Training Hall to respawn/refill in 30 days.  (See world changes, also.)
  Corrects Item and Spell descriptions.
  Adjusts NPC recovery time and attack values.

  North is labeled on rotated maps.
  Hidden tunnel is not shown on Connecting Tunnels map.

The following bug fixes will only take effect upon entering an area for the first time.

  Thjorgard ship captain will not fall into the water.
  Arienh A'Klindor & Sowelu Axeldotir will not reappear while hired.
  Keeps Yanmir immune to physical damage.
  Removes perception lighting for broken beams after re-entering.
  Correctly links teleporter doors in Yanmir's Fortress.
  Removes perception lighting from broken wall of the Training Hall.
  Desert Terror in Thronheim City won't stall at the broken wall on slower systems.
  Perception lighting removed from door by pentagram puzzle if bolt broken.
  Door by pentagram puzzle will remain unlocked if bolt broken.
  Prevents access to last sequence in 1000 Terrors without final quest.

  Corrects chest trap difficulty in several areas.
  Corrects chest treasure level in a few areas.
  Permits several chests to refill when their area respawns.
  Prevents other chests from refilling when their area respawns.
  Moves Ice Lobber stuck in the ceiling of Frosgard's ice cave.
  Allows two particular guards in Kluso's House to be removed upon death.
  Moves Sven a bit further away from the Town Portal in Thjorgard City.
  Moves Thjorgard City's Town Portal arrival point a little further south.
  Enables Thronheim City's Town Portal.
  Adjusts Thronheim City's compass to agree with the city's orientation on the regional map.
  Allows the Training Hall to minisave.
  Evokes script to properly link double teleporter room doors in Yanmir's Fortress.
  Keeps teleporter room doors in Yanmir's Fortress open longer.
  Removes the perception light from the door by the pentagram in Verhoffin's Ruins.
  Torture chamber doors in Verhoffin's Ruins will stay locked until pentagram puzzle is solved.

If an area has already been entered, you can force a change to take effect by leaving the area, saving your game, exiting to at least the main menu, and deleting the related files in your game's 'minisaves' folder.  This will cause the entire level to reset, so you'll have to fight any monsters again.

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