Find a Witness to the Fire Lake

Bastian Loudrin says:

All of this upheaval is seriously impacting our guild's business. I need more information, but I'm being buried in gossip and rumor.

Many tell me of this sea of fire in the Ironsand Desert. I've heard the tale enough that I almost believe it. Confirmation or denial of the lake's existence would be of great help to me.

If you would serve me, go to the Ironsand Desert and seek this lake. If it is indeed there, find me someone who saw it appear. Bring him back here so I can hear his story myself.

Find a Witness to the Fire Lake

You receive this Quest from Bastian Loudrin in the Merchant Guildhouse in Alvar (x 7559; y 20064).

Find someone in Ironsand Desert who saw the Lake of Fire appear. Bring him to Bastian.

Find a Witness to the Fire Lake

Hes in a small house located inside the ruined walls of a building in Rust. He wont be there until you get the quest. Hell require you to complete a quest for him before he accompanies you.

Reward: 10000 XP and 1500 GP.

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