Recover the Drum of Victory

Zelim says:

The Drum of Victory needs to be recovered if we are to ever defeat the Dragons in this region. If you were to recover the Drum I would reward you well!

He also tells you:

The Drum of Victory was brought here by Charles Quixote. Its deafening sound drives terror into the heart of any Dragon who hears it. Unfortunately is was lost in a battle against the Nagas when Charles Quixote was trying to establish his keep, here in Garrote Gorge.

Recover the Drum of Victory

You receive this Quest from Zelim in the Foestryke Residence in Garrote Gorge (x 9629; y 7320).

Recover the Drum of Victory and return.

Recover the Drum of Victory

Its in the Naga Vault Dungeon in Garrote Gorge.

Reward: 20000 XP and 1500 GP.

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