Find the Pirate Treasure

One-Eye says:

He who finds the treasure of the Dread Pirate Stanley will be a rich person! Will that person be you?

He also tells you:

The legendary Pirate Stanley is rumored to have stolen hundreds and thousands of gold pieces from the Merchants of Alvar. No one has ever found where he has hidden his treasure. Some say it isn't even hidden on the Island of Regna.

Finally, he says:

Years and years ago, I remember hearing that Stanley journeyed to Ravage Roaming to speak with the Ogre Mage Zog about a curse that had fallen upon him. Apparently his memory was fading, and he was certain that an evil mage was responsible.

Yoel Wargreen says:

I have come up with a scheme for finding hidden treasure. Before you barged in, I was hard at work formulating a spell for sensing gold hidden beneath the ground. If I am successful, I plan to have a Dragon carry me over the wastelands of Ravage Roaming where the Dread Pirate Stanley's treasure is rumored to be buried. My spell will find it and I will be a wealthy man.

Find the Pirate Treasure

You receive this Quest from One-Eye in One-eye's Lair in Regna (x -11448; y 807).

Find the treasure of the Dread Pirate Stanley.

Find the Pirate Treasure

It's the six chests located in Ravage Roaming, SE map area, Coordinates x: -3876 y: -17670

Reward: Whatever is in the chests. You get a nice sword, Judicious Measure.

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