Destroy the Skeleton Transformer (Alliance Quest: Clerics)

Oskar Tyre says:

Then again, we could spare some resources for your alliance if the war would turn in our favor. Perhaps you could be our agent of fortune?

Inside the Necromancers' Guild is a device known as the "Skeleton Transformer." It converts living creatures into the skeletons which the dark mages use for the bulk of their reinforcements. If it were destroyed, we would quickly have the upper hand.

We have an agent, Dyson Leland, placed in their guild. Find him and help him to wreck their skeleton making device. Do this and I will consider your request more favorably.

Destroy the Skeleton Transformer (Alliance Quest: Clerics)

You receive this Quest from Oskar Tyre in the Temple of the Sun in Murmurwoods (temple leader's room).

Find the Skeleton Transformer Device in the Shadowspire Necromancer’s Guild. Destroy it and return to Oskar Tyre.

Destroy the Skeleton Transformer (Alliance Quest: Clerics)

You’ll need Dyson whom you can hire in the Necromancer’s Guild, top floor, SW elevator, otherwise the doors stay locked. Once you get to the room with the levers, push the levers until all are in the up position. Then push the button to close the door. Then move the bar across the door.

Reward: 10000 XP, 50000 GP and Oskar Tyre agrees to the Alliance.

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