Repair the Portals of Stone

Brekish Onefang says:

A Cleric, by the name of Fredrick Talimere, has been living with us for the last few years. He has been studying the Portals of Stone and the outer ruins of the Abandoned Temple. Maybe he has the knowledge to get the Portals working again! Find him and see if he will help!

Repair the Portals of Stone

You receive this Quest from Brekish Onefang in Clan Leaderís Hall in Dagger Wound Island (x 9470; y 6351).

Ask Talimere how the crystal works.

Repair the Portals of Stone

Just take the crystal to Talimere. It will power the teleporter on the SW tip of the island.

Reward: 1500 XP and Cleric Frederick Talimore will offer to join your party.

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