Recover the Spear Ebonest (Champion Promotion)

Leane Stormlance says:

My father Blazen, left here years ago to slay the Skeletal Dragons in the Shadowspire Region. Unfortunately, he has never returned. He took with him, Ebonest, the greatest Dragon slaying spear ever forged. Charles Quixote has never forgiven my father for taking Ebonest with him. Unfortunately we have no idea what befell my father. Because my father was Charles’ second in command and responsible for the loss of Ebonest, Charles is unwilling to promote me to Champion, regardless of the merit of my skills. Perhaps if you find Ebonest, Charles with promote your knights and myself to Champions!

Recover the Spear Ebonest (Champion Promotion)

You receive this Quest from Leane Stormlance in the Stormlance Residence in Garrote Gorge (x 8527; y –8955).

Find Blazen Stormlance and recover the Spear Ebonest. Return to Leane Stormlance in Garrote Gorge and deliver Ebonest to Charles Quixote.

Recover the Spear Ebonest (Champion Promotion)

He is in the Mad Necromancer’s Lab in Shadowspire, top floor. Ebonest is in a chest, lower floor. Quixote won't accept Ebonest until you've seen Blazen too.

Reward: 35000 XP and Champion status for Knights; 25000 XP for the others. 0 GP and you keep the spear. Receive an additional 5000 XP upon returning Blazen.

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