Find the Idol of the Snake

Hiss says:

I believe I may know how to stop the destructive force of the mountain of fire! I have found an ancient spell that should give me the power to send the mountain of fire back into the sea! To complete the spell I need an ancient relic called the Idol of the Snake. With this item of power I should be able to complete the spell.

Find the Idol of the Snake

You receive this Quest from Hiss in Hissí Hut in Dagger Wound Island (x 13446; y 1950).

Find the Idol of the Snake for Hiss and return.

Find the Idol of the Snake

Itís in the Abandoned Temple, in the last big, trapped room before you exit. There is one red glowing square thatís not trapped; when you stand on it, it opens a wall panel to reveal a chest. Location of that square: itís the one directly north of the two boxes stacked on top of each other thatís in the center of the room. Coordinates (when standing directly on the trigger): x 11723; y 3104.

Reward: 7500 XP and 2000 GP.

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