Find the Prophecy of the Snake

Pascella Tisk says:

There is one Prophecy, the Prophecy of the Snake, that I have been unable to find a copy of. I think it may be most revealing about the future of Jadame.

Fredrick Talimere, the Cleric, has told me of the snake ruins, and of the Abandoned Temple. He is in agreement with me, that there may be a copy of this prophecy, somewhere in the temple. Could you find it for me?

Find the Prophecy of the Snake

You receive this Quest from Pascella Tisk in Tiskís Hut in Dagger Wound Island (x 12403; y 6928).

Find the Prophecies of the Snake for Pascella Tisk.

Find the Prophecy of the Snake

Itís located in the Abandoned Temple on on of the islands; reached through teleporters. Enter Temple, go down ramps to central room. Go down stairs located in a depression in the floor, proceed through the tunnel to the next room. Go down steps into the room. This triggers four hidden doors in the wall; with a button in each small now-revealed room. Keep pushing them until theyíve all worked (there must be an order but Iím not sure of it)Ö these buttons create steps so you can get to the opposite door and tunnel. Just as you cross the threshold, there are two secret doors, one on the left and one on the right. Each contains a chest. The quest item is in the chest on your left.

Reward: 750 XP and 500 GP.

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